The Technology Park, (located in the National Radioactive Waste), is an opportunity to look in a new way, with a different perspective. It was thought and designed as a link between tradition and innovation.
In our opinion innovation is not only in the technical and technology field but above all in a methodological approach of a design as complex as the Technology Park. Imagine the laboratory of the future as a reflection of today’s society and its incessant development is the key to create the ideal working environment. The project proposal is rooted in its flexibility and in its strength. It is not only to design a space in which users operate, but to create an environment that is the engine of change for researchers.

The most important aim that we have are four:
– increasing fully the interaction and sharing among visitors, researchers who work at the Centre, and the whole scientific community;
– to create a working environment the most suitable as possible to the new generation of researchers. Defined the “smart creatives”, they need spaces suitable for formal and informal meeting equipped for scientific communication and dissemination and appropriates for a high quality standard of privacy.
– to provide to the scientific community the best work and advanced technology laboratories in the international scene;
– to minimize the use of round, energy, changes and movements, expenses.



Concorso di idee per la realizzazione del PARCO TECNOLOGICO CONNESSO AL DEPOSITO NAZIONALE DI RIFIUTI RADIOATTIVI ”, SOGIN SOGIN Società Gestione Impianti Nucleari

Progetto vincitore (decimo classificato).

Crediti: Arch. Carlo Prati con Studio Costa Architecture, NEMA, D. Giambelli, Paisà Architettura del Paesaggio.
Anno: 2016


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